Current Group

Postdoctoral Positions

UP ^

  1. Dr. Fernando Plascencia Hernández

  2. Dr. Héctor Martínez Hernández

  3. Dr. Hassan Soltan Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim

  • Ph D Thesis

  • UP ^
    1. Nayeli Gómez Garduño. Analysis of alkaline (Li, Na) zirconates as catalysts for glycerol carbonate production.

    2. Daniela González Varela. Development of new dense ceramic membranes for CO2 permeation

    3. Carlos Hernández Fontes. Hydrogen production from biomass pyrolysis catalyzed by lithium manganate

    4. Nan Wang. Alkaline ferrites used as catalysts for the hydrogen production through different reactions

  • Masters Thesis

  • UP ^

    1. Eduar Fabian Pineda Bocachica. Chemical sorption of acid gases with Na2ZrO3 microstructurally modified.

    2. Anngie Carolina Ospina Suarez. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of Na3VO4 in the CO2 capture process.

    3. Yocelin B. González González. Synthesis of Li6(Zn,Ni)O4 solid solution for the CO2 capture process

  • Bachelors Thesis

  • UP ^

    1. Carlos Daniel Castrejón Barrera. Study of the NOx chemical sorption in different alkaline ceramics (Li2ZrO3 and Na2ZrO3).

    Former Members

  • Postdoctoral Positions

  • UP ^

    1. Dr. Issis Claudette Romero Ibarra

    2. Dr. José Ortiz Landeros

    3. Dr. Brenda Cecilia Alcántar Vázquez

    4. Dr. Margarita Judith Ramírez Moreno

    5. Dr. J. Arturo Mendoza Nieto

    6. Dr. J. Francisco Gómez García

    7. Dr. Hugo A. Lara García

    8. Dr. Oscar Ovalle Encinia

    9. Dr. Erandi Bernabe Pablo

    10. Dr. Daniel González Araiza

    11. Dr. Erick Espinosa Villatoro

  • Ph D Thesis

  • UP ^

    1. Hugo A. Mosqueda Altamirano. Lithium titanates: Thermal and chemical stability and CO2 capture capacities (December, 2007).

    2. José Ortiz Landeros. Materials fabrication base on lithium silicates (Li4SiO4 y Li2SiO3) for the CO2 capture process (May, 2011).

    3. Tatiana L. Ávalos Rendón. Study of the CO2 chemisorption properties on lithium aluminate (Li5AlO4) and other materials like Li(Al-M)4, M = B, Ga. (June, 2012).

    4. Brenda C. Alcántar Vázquez. Synthesis, characterization and CO2 capture evaluation on Na2ZrO3 and different solid solutions (Na2(Zr1-xAlxd)O3 and (Na2-3xAlx)ZrO3). (February, 2014).

    5. Lorena Martínez dlCruz. Structural and microstructural analyses of the CO2 capture process on sodium zirconate (Na2ZrO3) under different physicochemical conditions. (October, 2014).

    6. Margarita J. Ramírez Moreno. Study of the CO2 capture on layered double hydroxides: Pressure and temperature effects on the materials structural evolution. (December, 2014).

    7. María T. Flores Martínez. Effect of the sodium and potassium carbonates addition during the CO2 chemisorption on Li5AlO4. (June, 2016).

    8. Alejandra Cruz Hernández. Use of CaO-NiO composites as catalysts of different CO2 conversion process and syngas production.

    9. Oscar Ovalle Encinia. Synthesis and characterization of biphasic dense ceramic membranes for the selective CO2 separation (January 2018).

    10. Hugo A. Lara García. Application of lithium cuprate (Li2CuO2) on different energetic and environmental processes (March, 2018).

    11. Pedro Omar Sánchez Camacho. Use of lithium aluminate (Li5AlO4) on the biphasic dense ceramic membranes production for carbon dioxide separation. (July, 2019).

    12. Elizabeth Vera Bernal. Analysis of metallic-doped sodium cobaltates (NaCo1-xMxO2, where M = Fe, Ni, Cu) on the CO2 capture process and CO oxidation-chemisorption. (November, 2019)

    13. Ana C. Yañez Aulestia. Use of lithium cuprate (Li2CuO2) on NOx reduction processes for environmental applications (January, 2022).

  • Masters Thesis

  • UP ^

    1. Tatiana L. Ávalos Rendón. Study of the thermal stability, crystalline structure and CO2capture capacity on earth alkaline ceramics (November, 2008).

    2. Francisco Méndez Martínez. Zn-Mn-Cu mixed oxides: Chemical composition, crystalline structure and electric properties. (June, 2009).

    3. Lorena Martínez dlCruz. Effect of the oxygen and water vapor addition during the CO2 capture on Li2ZrO3. (August, 2010).

    4. Luis M. Palacios Romero. Study of the Li2+2xCuO2+x structure and its application for the carbón dioxide capture. (October, 2010).

    5. Zaira I. Bedolla Valdez. Hydrotalcite-like materials (Mg-Al) doped with K, Na and Li evaluated during the CO2 selective absorption. (January, 2012).

    6. Sergio Ramírez Solís. Study of the hydrotalcite structural regeneration (Mg-Ga-CO3-X, where X = Li, Na y K) during its application as CO2 captors. (June, 2012).

    7. Rafael Rodríguez Mosqueda. Influence of the relative humidity during the carbon dioxide capture process on sodium metasilicate (Na2SiO3). (January, 2013).

    8. Daniela A. Torres Rodríguez. Study of Cs-chemically modified Na2ZrO3 as possible catalyst for the biodiesel production from jatropha oil. (August, 2014).

    9. Pedro O. Sánchez Camacho. Thermodynamic and kinetic analyses of the CO2 chemisorption on Na2TiO3 and Na2ZrxTi1-xO3 solid solution. (January, 2015).

    10. Pablo R. Díaz Herrera. Study of lithium oxosilicate (Li8SiO6) as CO2 captor.(March, 2015).

    11. Elizabeth Vera Bernal. Study of CO2 chemisorption and CO oxidation-chemisorption on sodium cobaltate. (July, 2015).

    12. Ana C. Yañez Aulestia. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation as CO2 captors of the Li2(Cu1-xFex)O2 solid solution (January, 2018).

    13. Victor M. Bonilla Reyes. Biofuel production from soybean and lithium cuprate (Li2CuO2) as basic heterogeneous catalyst.

    14. Omar Hernández Rivas. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of Li2CuO2 as bifunctional material for the WGS process. (May 2019).

    15. Daniela González Varela. Synthesis and analysis of Y- and Sm-codoped CeO2 biphasic dense ceramic membranes for CO2 separation. (July 2019).

    16. Aurora Otero González. Analysis of Li-containing CeO2 as possible high temperature CO2 captors. (September, 2020).

    17. Carlos Hernández Fontes. Analysis of the CO oxidation-capture mechanism on Li2MnO2, as H2 enrichment process from a syngas flow. (September, 2020).

    18. Nayeli Gómez Garduño. Analysis of the Ni-doped NaFeO2 ceramic as CO2 captor materials (July, 2022)

  • Bachelors Thesis

  • UP ^

    1. Francisco Méndez Martínez. Synthesis and characterization of Zn1-xCuxMn2O4 and Cu1-xZnxMn2O4 solid solutions. (September, 2006).

    2. Marco T. Rodríguez Alegre. Sodium silicates (Na2SiO3 and Na4SiO4): Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of their propetties as CO2 captor ceramics. (September, 2006).

    3. Miriam J. Venegas Orozco. Effect of the lithium orthosilicate (Li4SiO4) particle size on CO2 chemisorption process. (November, 2006).

    4. Alejandra Sandoval Díaz. K-doped sodium zirconate (Na2-xKxZrO3): Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of their CO2 chemisorption process. (May, 2007).

    5. Mayra Y. Veliz Enriquez. K-doped lithium zirconate (Li2-xKxZrO3, x ≤ 2): Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of the carbon dioxide capture properties. (November, 2007).

    6. Bertha I. Alcérreca Corte. Kinetic study of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture on sodium zirconate (Na2ZrO3). (November, 2007).

    7. Carlos Argáez García. Theoretical study of lithium zircoante (Li2ZrO3) and sodium zirconate (Na2ZrO3) crystallinities, as well as Li2-xNaxZrO3 and Na2-xLixZrO3 solid solutions. (May, 2008).

    8. Luis M. Palacios Romero. Lithium cuprate (Li2CuO2): Synthesis, characterization and evaluation as carbon dioxide captor. (June, 2008).

    9. Victoria L. Mejía Trejo. CO2 capture on different lithium and sodium orthosilicates (Li4-xNaxSiO4). (July, 2008).

    10. Lorena Martínez de la Cruz. Thermal stability of lithium metasilicate (Li2SiO3) pellets. (September, 2008).

    11. Ricardo Alamilla de Jesús. Calcium silicates (Ca2SiO3 and Ca2SiO4): Synthesis, characterization and evaluation as carbon dioxide (CO2) captors. (February, 2009).

    12. Julio A. Casa Madrid Solórzano. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of lithium aluminates (LiAlO2 and Li5AlO4) as carbon dioxide (CO2) captors. (November, 2009).

    13. Isidro Badillo Ramírez. Lithium zirconate (Li2ZrO3): Microestructural modifications and its effect on the CO2 capture. (August, 2010).

    14. Luisa F. Nivón Ramírez. Lithium-potassium cuprate (Li2KxCuO2+x/2): Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of their CO2 capture properties. (August, 2010).

    15. Rafael Rodríguez Mosqueda. Study of the carbon dioxide chemisorption process on Li4SiO4, varying the gas flow and particle size. (February, 2011).

    16. Daniela A. Torres Rodríguez. Mg-Al hydrotalcite as metal oxide precursor for the carbon dioxide capture in the water vapor presence. (June, 2011).

    17. Alfredo Román Tejeda. CO2 absorption on lithium metaborate (LiBO2) due to phase transitions. (October, 2011).

    18. Alejandro Sánchez Rueda. Evaluation of the CO2 capture on Ca-Al layered double hydroxides at low temperatures and in the presence of water vapor. (April, 2012).

    19. Heber González Laurrabaquio. Evaluation of the thermochemical stability of different vitroceramics containing Na, K, Mg and Ca in the presence of CO2. (November, 2012).

    20. Pedro O. Sánchez Camacho. Chemical capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) on sodium zirconate doped with potassium (K-Na2ZrO3). (December, 2012).

    21. Nicolas Santiago Torres. Biodiesel production from soybean and methanol using sodium zirconate (Na2ZrO3) as catalyst. (April, 2013).

    22. Fernando Duran Muñoz. Lithium oxosilicate (Li8SiO6); A new option for the carbon dioxide capture at high temperatures. (June, 2013).

    23. Mateo González de Gortari. CO2 capture evaluation on porous aluminum oxide doped with different alkaline elements. (November, 2013).

    24. Alejandro Barrera González. Relative humidity influence on the carbon dioxide capture process on lithium orthosilicate (Li4SiO4) at moderate temperatures (30-70 °C). (May, 2015).

    25. Paulina Olavarría Sayavedra. Analysis of the Li5(Al1-xFex)O4 solid solution as CO2 captor materials. (April, 2017).

    26. Jazmín Y. Valenzuela Lopez. Biodiesel production using soybean oil and lithium aluminate (Li5AlO4) as basic catalyst.

    27. Carlos Hernandez Fontes. Analysis of Li5FeO4as catalyst for hydrogen production, through methane decomposition (June, 2018).

    28. Nayeli Gómez Garduño. Effect of iron-addition on lithium zirconate (Fe-Li2ZrO3) for CO2 capture at high temperatures (August, 2018).

    29. Victor M. Bonilla Reyes. Biofuel production from soybean, using lithium cuprate (Li2CuO2) as basic heterogeneous catalyst. (March 2019).

    30. Yoav M. Morales Loredo. Study of the Pr0.6Sr0.4Fe1-xCuxO3 perovskite during the CO oxidation process and its implementation on the dual-ceramic membranes. (October, 2020).

    31. Eduardo Diego Armando Gómez Tabaco. Analysis of the dense ceramic membrane for CO2 permeation by using Sm- and La-doped CeO2 (April, 2022).


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