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Trabajos Publicados
1. D. R. Salahub, M. Castro, R. Forunier, P. Calaminici, N. Godbout, A. Goursot, C. Jamorski, H. Kobayashi, A. Martínez, I. Papai, E. Proynov, N. Russo, S. Sirois, J. Ushio and A. Vela.
Density Functional Description of metal-metal and metal-ligand  bonds. 
Contribution to the book: Theoretical & Computational Approaches  to Interface Phenomena.
H. Sellers and J. T. Golab edits. Plenum Press. New York,(1994)
pp 187-218. ISBN-0-306-44899-8.
2. Dennis R. Salahub, Ana Martínez y Dongqing Wei.
Structure, reactivity and dynamics of atomic and molecular clusters using density functional theory (DFT) and other tools. In: Theory of atomic and Molecular Clusters
J. Jellinek (editor). Springer-Verlag, Berlín,
(1999) pp 157-180. ISBN 3-540-62000-1
3. Andreas M. Köster, Patrizia Calaminici y Ana Martínez
Reactions of Mo atoms and cations with NO: A density functional study. In: Metal-Ligand Interactions in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
N. Russo and Dennis R. Salahub (editors) Kluwer Academic Publishers
(2000) pp 371-382. ISBN  0-7923-6125-3
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