AÑO 2004

040. Francisco J. Tenorio, Ian Murray, Ana Martínez, Kenneth J. Klabunde and J. V. Ortíz
Products of the addition of water molecules to Al3O3- clusters: structure, bonding and electron binding energies in Al3O4H2-, Al3O5H4-, Al3O4H2 and Al3O5H4
Journal of Chemical Physics, 120, 7955-7962, (2004) 

041. Luis E. Sansores, Roberto Salcedo, Ana Martínez
Electronic Structure and Luminescence of [Au(4,6-Me2pym-2-S]2 and Au(4,6-Me2pym-2-S)(4,6-Me2pymH-2-S)
Journal of Molecular Structure (TEOCHEM) 677, 145-151 (2004)

042. Ana Martínez, Annick Goursot, Bernard Coq, Gérard Delahay.
A theoretical study of the dissociation of N2O in a transition metal ion-catalyzed reaction.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B.  108, 8823-8829, (2004)

043. Marco-Vinicio Vázquez, Anastassiia Moussatova, Ana Martínez, O. Dolgounitcheva, V. G. Zakrzewski, J. V. Ortiz.
Solvation of Al-guanine complexes with NH3:a theoretical study.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108, 5845-5850 (2004)