AÑO 2005

044. Ana Martínez
Bonding interactions of metal clusters [Mn (M= Cu, Ag, Au; n=1-4)] with ammonia. Are the metal clusters adequate as a model of surfaces?
J. Braz. Chem. Soc, 16, 337-344 (2005)

045. Alfredo Guevara-García, Ana Martínez, J.Vincent Ortiz
Addition of water, methanol and ammonia to Al3O3- clusters:  reaction products, transition states and electron detachment energies
Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 214309, 1-7, (2005)

046. Ana Martínez
Theoretical Study of guanine-Cu and uracil-Cu (neutral, anionic and cationic) Is it possible to carry out a photoelectron spectroscopy experiment?
Journal of Chemical Physics 123, 024311, (2005)

047. Roberto Salcedo, Ana Martínez, L. Enrique Sansores, Laura Gasque, Isidoro García-Cruz. Theoretical approach to the fluxional behavior of cyclooctatetraene Ru and Ni complexes.
Journal of Molecular Structure (TEOCHEM) 732, 113-118 (2005)

048. J. Mark Parnis, Eric Escobar-Cabrera, Matthew G.K. Thompson, J. Paula Jacula, Rick D. Lafleur, Alfredo Guevara-García, Ana Martínez and David M. Rayner.
Cluster size selectivity in the product distribution of ethene dehydrogenation on niobium clusters.

Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 109, 7046-7056 (2005)