AÑO 2006

049. Roberto Salcedo, Ana Martínez, Patricia Guadarrama, Carlos Olvera, and L. Enrique Sansores. A Theoretical study of aromaticity in 1,2-diaza and 1,2-diphospha-cyclooctatetraenes and their role as ligands in organometallic compounds.
Journal of Molecular Structure (TEOCHEM) 758, 49-52 (2006)

050. Ana Martínez
Solvation of Yttrium with Ammonia Revisited. Di-amide Formation in the Reaction of  Yttrium with Ammonia
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110, 1978-1981, (2006)

051. Luis E. Sansores, R. Salcedo, Ana Martínez, N. Mireles
Electronic structure of triangular trigold(I) complexes. A theoretical study.
Journal of Molecular Structure (TEOCHEM) 763, 7-11 (2006)

052. Alfredo Guevara, Ana Martínez, J. Vincent Ortiz.
Are Structures with Al-H Bonds Represented in the Photoelectron Spectrum of Al3O4H2-?.
Journal of Chemical Physics 124, 214304 (2006)

053. Marco-Vinicio Vázquez, Ana Martínez, Olga Dolgounitcheva, J. Vincent Ortiz
Deprotonated Cytosine Anions: A Theoretical Prediction of Photoelectron Spectra.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110, 11174-11177 (2006)