AÑO 2007

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Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 3, 3, 706-715 (2007)

056. Jesús Muñiz, Luis Enrique Sansores, Ana Martínez¸ Roberto Salcedo
Electronic structure and luminescence of [AuS2PPh(OCH2CH=CH2]2 complex.
Journal of Molecular Structure (TEOCHEM) 820, 141-147 (2007)

057. Marco-Vinicio Vázquez, Ana Martínez
Ca, Cd, Zn and their ions interacting with cytosine: A theoretical study.
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058. Alfredo Guevara, Ana Martínez, J. Vincent Ortiz.
Electron binding energies and Dyson orbitals of Al5Om- (m=3,4,5) and Al5O5H2-
Journal of Chemical Physics, 127, 234392 (7 páginas) (2007)